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 *Note: Individual results may vary


Does Muscle weigh more than fat?

Does muscle weigh more than fat?

This is a common misunderstanding. The fact is a pound is a pound is a pound. A pound of feathers is still a pound!

The reality is that Muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space based on the same weight.

Often people who start lifting weights will discover that the scale actually goes up, but their belt is getting tighter. 

A great gage to check your progress, is to take before pictures, and record what loop you are putting your belt to.


As well as the methods just mentioned, you can go a step further and get a body scan done, which will tell you your basic composition, Lean muscle to fat ratio.

5 Top Tips to Gain Muscle fast*

*note:Individual results will vary based on body type, age, existing injuries, etc...


By Rod Coulter   Last updated January 2-2020


Thats not all...

If you follow these tips you will see results!

Although there are different types of muscles, such as cardiac muscle (your heart), for our concerns, we will talk exclusively about skeletal muscles. 


Skeletal muscle is composed of thread-like myofibrils and sarcomeres that form a muscle fibre and are the basic units of contraction.


The 650 skeletal muscles in the human body contract when they receive signals from motor neurons, which are triggered from a part of the cell called the sarcoplasmic reticulum. 


Motor neurons tell your muscles to contract and the better you become at having those signals tell your muscles to contract, the stronger you can get.


Here's the gold:

1. Muscle Tension

In order to produce muscle growth, you have to apply a load of stress greater than what your body or muscles had previously adapted too. 


How do you do this? 


The main way is to lift progressively heavier weights. 

This additional tension on the muscle helps to cause changes in the chemistry of the muscle, allowing for growth factors that include mTOR activation and satellite cell activation.

TUT or Time under tension is an important factor to be mindful of while training. Load the muscle, be mindful of the muscle and keep the load for a period of time. This time varies according to your current program.


For Hypertrophy time under tension on the eccentric motion can be about 3-4 beats, no rest at the top or bottom, then about 1 beat on the concentric motion to achieve optimal results.


Muscular tension also most dramatically effects the connection of the motor units with the muscle cells. Two other factors help to explain why some people can be stronger, but not as big as other people.

First Responder Fitness

Are you a first responder? Are you prepping for the career of your dreams? 

Police, Fire, EMS, EMT, RCMP, Sheriff.

We have what you need!

CPAT, PARE (P.A.R.E) and A-PREP training. Specific to your current fitness level. We will prep you and make sure you are ready to pass your fitness test!

Are you already on the job? Looking to advance to a new department? We can help with that too, advanced fitness training to meet your needs! 

Contact us today!

"I have know Rod and Brenda Coulter for over a decade. I consider both to be very professional and knowledgeable in the fitness world.


I can honestly say I was fortunate to have trained with Rod in preparation for selection in the Calgary Police Tactical Unit back in 2009. If it wasn't for Rod, I am not sure I would of been successful that year. He pushed me in ways mentally that I could never do myself. He was patient yet tough when he needed to be.


Anyone looking to prepare physically and mentally for anything, should seriously consider reaching out to Rod. He was inspirational to me in reaching my goals. I have been with CPS Tactical for 9 years and I have recommended many of my colleagues to seek Rod's expertise in achieving their goals.


I am very grateful to have meet Rod and now consider him a close friend. You will not be disappointed with the results as long as you put forth the effort!‎"


JM Boucher

*Note individual results will vary

"After working out with 2 personal trainers for over a year I was completely disappointed and felt like I was getting nowhere, then I found Rod.


One of the best choices I ever made was signing up to have him be my trainer. I was trying to get ready for the cps a-prep and Rod knew exactly how to structure my program.


Rod has so much knowledge and gave me different exercises that were challenging, interesting and fun.

There were times when I wanted to quit, and he would never let me, he pushed me and knew how far I could go.


Rod was extremely supportive and was there with me from start to finish.


I ended up passing the cps a-aprep and couldn’t have done it without him"

Dominika Kierecka

*Note individual results will vary

Coulter Martial Arts Academy Classes

NSI.Filipino Martial Arts.Self Defense.Build your class

Natural Spirit International-NSI


This progressive Martial Arts class is great for all levels of Experience.


You will learn the fundamentals of this blended system. You will learn striking with your hands and feet, along with Sticky Hands (Chi Sao), fundamental western boxing drills. You will learn open hand forms, you will also learn Single and Double stick striking, blocking and stripping. 


Class is taught in an open environment, Students are expected to purchase a training journal, Arnis Sticks, Boxing gloves and wraps. As you progress through your trainining you can purchase more equipment which we can demonstrate in person.

UntitledPost (1).jpg

Build your class...  

Learn Practical self defense and enjoy the confidence boost!

Self-Defense skills, situational awareness, and knowledge help you avoid violent situations, and better prepare yourself for dealing with them when/where avoidance isn't possible. 

You and your friends or co-workers can come together in this fun and practical class.

In this course we will cover all aspects of being your own Bodyguard 24/7.

Martial Arts Fighting and Weapons for Film and TV


This dynamic class is ACTRA approved, it will cover the Basics of Martial Arts fighting, Weapons, Break-falls and movement for Martial Arts and fights for TV and Film. Class is Taught by Rod Coulter who has over 35 Years of Martial Arts training and experience. Rod is Also an ACTRA Stunt Performer and Actor. The class is limited to TV and Film professionals, registration is limited.

The Art of Chi Sao.


The concept of Chi Sao within your system of Martial Arts. Chi Sao simply translated means "Sticky Hands" Originally from the Martial Art of Wing Chun. 


Chi Sao has transcended the style of Wing Chun into a few other Arts. Within Natural Spirit International it has found a home with the Unique style of Jesse Glover's Non-Classical Gung Fu, and this has been passed down to Datu Kelly S. Worden. Chi Sao within NSI has a different flair then your more Traditional School of Wing Chun. Within NSI Chi Sao is practiced with a more forward energy and combat based intent.


The misconceptions of Chi Sao:


Some see Chi Sao and are quick to make judgements on how it is not an effective fighting System. These comments and understandings are made from a place of Misunderstanding and likely the person making the comments has never been exposed to or truly understood the intent and reason to train Chi Sao.


From: www.wingchunlife.com/chi-sau.html


"Chi Sau (also spelled Chi Sao) is a major tool in developing killer Wing Chun abilities. If you want lightening speed, hair trigger reflexes, or to 'mind read' your opponent, practice Chi Sau."


Datu Worden explains Chi Sao as "Attribute development" The truth is in the practice. If you only train this once in a seminar you will not discover the "hidden" abilities and techniques that are born from this practice.


Lets talk about Perceptual Speed, Reactionary Speed and Action.

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